Creating `Small but Beautiful` in Recruitment

Welcome to my first scribe on my The Recruitment Misfit page.

I blog very occasionally on, which is my recruitment service website – but last week I decided that my thoughts on recruitment should also have a suitable place – and so here it stands – and so I am starting off with a bit of a Bio as things stand…


Why the `Recruitment Misfit`? – will no doubt be a question.

Well, I spent 12-14 years running on the independent and corporate recruitment treadmill – and it got to me in the end – and it 2008 I made the final decision to go it alone and – as my other half put it – put a smile back on my face. I was constantly griping and groaning at the poor standards of corporate recruitment, the constant churn of staff, and the constant changing goal-posts – whether it be in strategy, expectations, or internal message. I fought the treadmill often – but was seen a maverick, a disruptive influence, and a non-conformist. All labels I am proud of, to this day.  

So solo-recruitment has led to 2 directions when serious decisions had to be made in 2009; mid recession; as to whether I had a place in the recruitment industry anymore.  

One – I found Social Media. To echo a contact of mine in the London Social Media scene, who said “Social Media saved my PR career” – well Social Media saved my recruitment career. Social Media makes recruitment conversational and self-fulfilling, and is based on building lasting business relationships and not sales call targets. I will certainly blog about this over the coming blog-moments in time – but I recruit for this industry now and have built already a decent reputation amongst my clientele – essential in the social media framework.

Two – I wanted to provide a platform for small independent recruitment people, like me, to exist with the best capabilities and to network with likeminded recruiters. It’s mighty brave to go it alone – it can take a while to bill – it can be lonely – you have no infrastructure – you don’t get holiday pay! – you can’t plan your mortgage payments easily – and frankly everyone else in the large corporate world has more tools, and hence more clients, and more candidates, and hence further – more income. Depressing, huh?  

Well, not always… but I created an answer.  

I did a lot of research; talked to a lot of small business owners, and budding recruitment business owners; and trialled some methods – but in May 2010, I – with a business partner – opened The Cloud Nine Recruitment Group, which provided the opportunity for such small businesses to connect, share, collaborate, and basically get essential recruitment resources such as job boards – for less each month. This allows each member to gain greater competitive edge by having access to more tools and more resources for over half the cost, as well having `virtual colleagues` – people in similar circumstances, they can connect and share business opportunities with. I recommend it to all small independent recruitment businesses… of course!  

So, now I’m a fulfilled little soul now. A great Social Media network and the beginnings of a seriously influential Group network – which could be a great platform for solo-recruiters in the future. A long way to go with both, but both very exciting. 

So to all you `Misfits` out there…  don’t give in – if the shoe you have your foot in aches, find a better shoe, or even better – make your own shoe. Comfort is essential as it’s a long walk…




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