It’s 2010 Recruiters – Say bye-bye to `Dodging Gate-keepers` and Get Social!

We’re in 2010, not 1995, surely it is time to make some cultural changes to the recruitment industry?

One stems around existence and perception. Recruitment consultants have been tagged for years in the `Estate Agent`, and almost `Car Salesman` category. It’s a people business, but recruiters are seen to be thinking of people last. From a client perspective, your local friendly recruitment consultant from a corporate agency will call you on a Tuesday to ask for jobs, a Thursday to check whether you are booking temps for next week, a Friday to sell in a `left-over` temp for next week; and then offer you the courtesy of another call at 9.05am on Monday to check whether all your staff have bothered to turn up this morning.


It makes me shudder to think about it. Sadly, these agencies continue to do it because it’s all part of the numbers game. And if you throw the dart enough times at the board – you’ll hit the bullseye. And that justifies as “successful” the most hideous of sales plans. Consultants are forced into doing it by a pearl-clad “survivor of the last recession in 1991” and get berated for not doing it. No worries though, she does ring a bell and make you dance around the office like a performing seal if you do actually `get your temp out`.

OK, it may work in the numbers game; but what about perception? I’ve been to see many a company who begrudgingly accept they have succumbed to this method by pure persistence and timing, but they don’t like it.

Is hitting a company enough times and hard enough until eventually they break open like the donkey in the child’s game Pinata thr most satisfying way of winning business? Finding ways to hoodwink `gate-keepers` such as Receptionists and PAs to get your way to the recruiting director, so you can cold-call your services to an unwilling listener? Is that fun? Does it help your overall reputation, and the perception of recruitment agencies as a whole?

It’s 2010 ladies and gentleman, and we live in a world where we should be embracing `social recruiting` – log-on, listen, engage and communicate. Talk to people who matter – we have Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, plus a whole range of online networking circles such as Ecademy. In these places it pays to be recognised, and to be conversational. Build reputation, and let reputation be your business development executive, and let clients see you as the cherry and pick you accordingly. It’s not about sales, it’s about effective marketing.

But will the recruitment industry as a whole do this?

I suspect not. Time is the key, and recruitment companies are hooked on instant success, even when it brings dubious success. Or not. `Social recruiting` is not a fast food exercise aimed to hit this weeks KPI targets, it is built on marketing and creating a brand for yourself, and about long term buy in. The recruitment industry doesn’t have time for all that.

…there’s all those calls to make.



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