Get off your horse, and drink your milk… but don’t call yourself a recruiter.

Today I have been trumped with a good client (with a new HR person), who have been sold a dummy.

A Brighton firm who call themselves, amongst other things, a recruitment company – dragged a bunch of CVs from Job-boards and forwarded them straight onto the client.

No assessment, no pre-selection, no confirmation of company details and suitability to the client.

No clarification of availability for interview, and any other special needs.

No contact details, no customer service offering.

No relationship with the client or the candidate.

Just 5 CVs – (4 terrible ones, plus my guy) emailed to the client with a `there you go!`.


The industry uses the term `cowboys` all too often, and often in a misrepresented and uneducated manner. But this is what is commonly know as Recruitment `Cowboys`.

Check out your recruitment agency before you assign, or else it’ll be pistols at dawn over misuse of a candidates CV.

2 thoughts on “Get off your horse, and drink your milk… but don’t call yourself a recruiter.

  1. unfortunately it’s these cowboys that give us a bad name, however I think any decent client should see the value in your work and be on-side 100% or not work with you at all.

    I’d rather do less business and not deal with shit, than earn a bit more and hate my job.

  2. Cheers Barry – fortunately it is a good client and we have come to an arrangement, but sadly this kind of `recruitment company` are becoming too many and are providing shockingly poor service, and tarring people such as you and I with the same brush.
    Gets my goat…

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