Is the creative CV a good thing?

As usual, the insipration to write comes from another blog. Today this was Andy Headworth’s blog about some clever-ish attempts to personalise a CV 

To borrow a couple of Andy’s examples, here are 2 such specimens: 



First we need to ask, what are we trying to achieve when sending a CV for a job? – Prominence? Yes. Expertise? Yes. And such creativity achieves that. But will everyone agree? Will it demonstrate the essential information to attract a recruiter or hiring manager? Is the evidence of your suitability accessible to them? 

The point therefore being – a creative CV divides opinion. It may look a piece of art in your eyes, but in front of the wrong HR person, the response might be “Yuk”. 

The second question therefore is, is your search for employment a risk taking exercise? If it is, then you are a brave person. Can you risk losing half of your potential employer audience by creating a leftfield CV? Can you risk missing out on THE employer you aspired to, in THE role that were aiming for, just because an HR person; who has no impact on your future career thereafter; thought your CV was a tad garish. 

It’s a dangerous game. A Graphic Designer sending a design orientated CV to a Creative Director – good idea. A Marketing Manager sending it to a corporate via a job board or recruitment agency? Not such a good idea. 

So to the person thinking they need to display the creative side of their personality – think carefully. Think about who you are applying to, and is it relevant to be creative? Is that what they are really expecting and/or is it actually going to enhance your application? To me, if you are even having that conundrum, I would say job applications are not a risk taking exercise, and would encourage content and proof over visual artistry, or otherwise. 

So which of the 2 displayed CVs wins for me. Well I can’t speak on behalf of everyone – and that’s my point – but the second CV is clear, artistic, and is focussed on clear content and experience credentials. The 1st is cluttered, unfocussed, distracting and downright messy – incorporating information that is just not necessary, and not directly applicable. 

But that’s just me. And again… that’s my point. 





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