Another piece of genuinely Creative Job-seeking – Amy Wordsworth

…and I mean GENUINELY creative!

My learned friend Andy Headworth referred to a chap who stuck his job search on Ebay the other day.  Creative? No – I just thought it was cheap, desperate, and undesirable.  When I couldn’t sell my car a few years ago, I sold it on Ebay as a last resort.

Enough said.

Today, I have been wowed by some genuine creativity in job seeking by marketing professional Amy Holdsworth, via her website


Take note. It demonstrates genuine talent, skill, personality and genuine information. Look through her website first please, and then here’s her YouTube video that supports it… 

I just love it when someone pushes the boat out and creates a story we can engage in.

I bought into Amy 100% from this method of promotion. It displays warmth and ingenuity in equal measures – though some may say `100 reasons` is a little too many for a video.

Still, it gets my vote. I hope this helps her get an increased profile. Good luck to you Amy!

(Taken from my other site

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