Stop for a minute, and then listen…

Another day, and more exasperation at the twitter stream from my competitors. There is a reason why most recruitment agencies don’t really get social media, and give up so easily. 


Yep – that covers it… 

A lot of shouting, and not a lot of listening. 

A lot of chasing, and not a lot of welcoming in. 

A lot of broadcasting, but a poor reception. 

A lot of one-dimensional output, and not enough exploration of alternative channels of genuine market communication. 

Take a look at the Twitter stream of many recruitment companies – including some who specialise in digital recruitment (therefore surely must know a thing or two about social media communication…right?) – 90% job posts. 10% conversation. 

Take a look at the LinkedIn profiles of many recruiters – chasing heads, but not joining in any conversations where those heads are talking already. 

My advice to recruiters looking at using social media is simple. First stop for a minute, and establish a reason to be there, and find out whether your market is there. Then follow, connect and listen, then join in; rather than shout and wait, and wait, and shout again, then wait some more. Your opinion about social media might alter with a little more listening, connecting and patience. 

Twitter and LinkedIn are not job boards – they are communications networks. Communicate, learn about the expertise of others, and impart your own expertise – and your contacts will begin to gravitate towards you all by themselves. People are drawn towards communicative experts, and driven away by shouting sales people… 


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