There are no bad recruiters on LinkedIn.

Simon Lewis of OnlyMarketingJobs did a great piece last week in relation to a study through March 2011 of people’s opinions on the recruitment agency experience. It’s called `Recruiter’s struggling to shake off the past`

It’s a diplomatic piece from Simon, but is it really something from the `past`? 

Silly me – of course it is. The survey was a LinkedIn Q&A, and of course there are no bad recruiters on LinkedIn. 

So Job-seekers and Hirers on LinkedIn, in 78% of cases on the study, rate recruitment agency experiences as Hit and Miss to diabolical. But come on??!! – have these people not been reading the discussion pages in the Recruiter groups on LinkedIn??!! – there isn’t a bad recruiter to be seen. They’re all perfect.

They do however refer to these people known as `cowboys`… they exist, I’ve seen them, and talked about them – but they lurk in the dark corners of the recruitment industry, masquerading as good or ethical recruiters in a LinkedIn world, but as soon as their browser diverts from the public space that is LinkedIn… malice prevails, and job-seekers across the land are hoodwinked into a world of ill-preparation, mis-sold vacancies or plain simple ignorance; and hirers are sucked into a vacuum of wasted time, poorly selected CVs, and lack of basic business acumen. 


So who is right? The poll – weighted negatively by the gnarly, battle-scarred 45 years+ age category who comment furiously at the injustice of the recruitment industry? – Or the silver-tongued LinkedIn contributing recruiter – nodding in agreement and slapping virtual backs with all the other good ethical professionals, coaches and gurus in recruitment communities that appear not to represent the the industry as it is?

Well, probably a bit of both. 

Recruitment agencies by numeracy, will never win. If I receive 50 applications for a job, only one will get that job – and I might find a job for another couple of them, and provide good clear advice and interviews for another 10 or 15. So at best 20/50 success rate of good experience. Every job seeker also applies through well in excess of 15 recruitment agencies in their job search. Only 1 agency or none will get them their job, and another 2 or 3 might set up interviews. Numbers stacked against the recruitment agency system again. 

That said, the recruitment industry is swamped in short-termism and is client driven – the client being the recruiting company – and the client pays the bills. The candidate doesn’t. Business sensibility says you pander to where the money is, otherwise you go out of business – and then we ain’t getting jobs for no man. (or woman, of course…). The net result of this is that the candidate comes second. Sometimes a close second, sometimes a clearly distant second. It doesn’t make it right, but it’s the truth. It’s what happens. it’s partly bad time management, partly bad communications, and partly economics. That’s the truth. 

Or I could be wrong. Thousands of recruiters on LinkedIn say they’re perfect. 

Or I could be right. Thousands of recruiters on LinkedIn are kidding themselves… 




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