#TruDublin and the Social Media utilising recruitment agency

Next week I shall be heading to one of my favourite destinations; Dublin; to play a part in the Recruitment Un-Conference (#TruDublin)


I love the unconference series of events – the birth-child of Bill Boorman, and would happily go to every one of them to glean the latest knowledge in 21st century recruitment trends and the developments in social media and digital influence in recruitment patterns. Sadly time doesn’t allow me to get to them all!

I say `play a part` – well the beauty of the un-conference is that everyone plays a part. No speakers, no superheroes, gurus or self-proclaimed experts – just a collection of recruiters, HR professionals and independent consultants, with varying levels of knowledge – discussing what’s hot in recruitment practice in a round-table style format; with the discussions facilitated by track-leaders.

Following on from a popular and lively discussion at TruLondon in February, I shall again be leading a track in the subject of `the Social Agency` – more specifically, how the recruitment agency can use social media as part of its resourcing strategy, and it’s business development effort. It was a fantastic discussion in February – enhanced by the insights of smart-thinking individuals such as Greg Savage from Australia, Hung Lee, of the brilliant `Wise Man Say` blog, and Dublin’s own Jonny Campbell from Social Talent.

So what shall we talk about? Well it will cater for participants of all levels of understanding of social media. This is an opportunity for folks to ask questions, contribute ideas and develop knowledge and examples. 

Likely discussion elements may take in:

          – Using Twitter for recruitment

          – LinkedIn, how do we use it?

          –  Should I have a Facebook page?

          – How do I find candidates in social media?

          – Social Media in recruitment doesn’t work does it?

          – YouTube… how brave are we, exactly??

          – Are our clients using social media?

          – What IS Social Media, exactly??

…or, it may not. That’s the point. No agenda, it’s a free-for-all discussion… on the main subject, of course!!!


I hope to see some inspiring and aspiring social media users in the Irish recruitment space and beyond next week, and looking forward to seeing some familiar faces making the trip from the UK. 

I can’t deny though I am looking forward to the hospitality of Dublin, and hence the occasional Guinness… Truly practicing the the `Social Agency` tag. 🙂 


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