The Perfect Creative CV? – Simon Mould

My job is brilliant. The best bits of my job are when you find work for someone who has made a conscious effort to stand out from the packed competition, and produces a genuine piece of visual class, in support of their application. I have highlighted a number of these in the blog section of this site.

Yesterday this case was Simon Mould, and his CV is below. Simon is a cracking young guy who graduated last year, and having picked up some experience in Digital Marketing embarked on a career search in the London zone – asking my business, CloudNine Social Media & Digital Talent to help. It didn’t take us/him long, and this is partly why…


Simon gets innovation just right. I have seen some hideous attempts of using social media sites as a vehicle for an `innovative` CV – but unless you can do it with the class and crispness of Simon’s effort – just don’t do it. It actually looks like a Facebook page, and he has mirrored the features with real thought, as well as the most important factor – proving clear relevant content on his career to date. The bottom left blank area populated his contact details and social media footprint – that naturally are removed for this purpose.

Also to Simon’s credit, his personal brand is excellent – mirroring his picture on his social media profiles, and was just in the process of completing a like-branded covering letter. He didn’t need it! Fortunately for both if us, the chap proves himself at interview also – and he was offered a job with my client yesterday after a swift 2 interview process and starts with his new employer on Monday.

Congrats to Simon – hopefully an inspiration to others to consider how visual representation can enhance your application by sending clear content and composed imagery, without getting carried away. 


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