One simple message. Don’t charge the unemployed to work…

In the last week or so, many of the recruitment industry have been stunned by the article in The Recruiter about Etsio – a company who charge unemployed graduates for internship opportunities.

I have read some people suggest this is smart business opportunism – high unemployed rate of graduates, cost concerns amongst businesses – perfect solution. Call it `training`, and job done. 

Well no. It’s not. It’s charging people to work. Internship is not training, it is employment. It’s bad enough that there is still a practice of unpaid unpaid internships out there – but to prey on the desparate and unemployed by asking them to gamble money on their career development is just plain wrong. Sadly, it appears people are falling for this. 

In these times of challenging opportunities for graduates – sure, there needs to be helping hands out there who can give them a leg-up towards active employment. There are answers – in fact, I am working on a team of people developing a project now myself that does just that – but charging people to work 9 to 5 in a job is not the answer. 

Here’s the good news. We can act. Bill Boorman has created a Petition to put some people power behind this disgraceful form of business opportunism. 

Sign up here: 

Let’s kick out the unscrupulous – share this petition, sign this petition. 

As we’d say on Twitter: #Thatisall 




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