You are hiring. Every day.

No matter how large or small your business is, you are hiring every day. And this is not me pitching or business! 😉 


The first people you need to hire every day, are the people you employ already. Are you continuously attracting them to the business, their work, and the needs and prospects? Are you listening to them, being aware of their changes in behaviour and verbalisations? 

It’s the bit many businesses forget. Retention is the first port of call for recruitment. Firstly to avoid continuous turnover, but secondly to create a place where people WANT to work, because of the effects of word-of-mouth and recommendation potential. The most fruitful way of recruiting someone, is though recommendation from your own staff – and if they do this, it’s because they truly believe in the company they work for, and have a desire to stay.

It sends a fantastic message.

Recommendation through a reputable recruiter is always a good plan too – but that’s another conversation! 😉

The reason for this observation share. Be aware. With the advent and growth of LinkedIn, and the changing culture of the workplace, and greater visibility of ‘options’ – no employee is “not looking for work” anymore. Everybody is for hire. Everybody is open to an opportunity.

The challenge is to ensure that you are creating great opportunity and becoming an employer of choice for the people who work for you now.

Before they leave you.

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