Jobseeker Tips: Things your CV doesn’t need to say…

CVs are important. Some people say CVs are dead, or dying. Well sorry, anyone care to tell that to my inbox full of them, and the 1000s uploaded to job boards every week. They are important, and it’s a competitive out there. 

So you have to get them right. I wrote before about my philosophy of `Optimizing Your CV` – and I was recently inspired to focus on one area of the CV, where content needs eliminating. 

I’m going to present you with a list of words and phrases. You will recognise a lot of them. They commonly populate prime page1 space on a plethora of CVs. But they are wasting optimization space. Here goes: 








OK, that will do. You get the message. 


The reason. Well consider the HR department/Recruiter reading piles of CVs. They need to see content that says “I’m different”, or “I’m better than the rest”. The above list was easy to roll off, because I have seen the majority of it 5,000 times in the past 10 years. Because the majority of people are putting in on their CV. 

Will it get them the job? No. Why? Because they look the same as any other CV. Also Ran, springs to mind. 

`Hard Working`? – well I should hope so. `Great Initiative`? – well of course, right? Good time-keeping? – well the hours of work are pretty simple, that should be a given. 

It’s stating the obvious. 

In their place should be real content. Real content means stuff that will get you the interview ahead of others. Actual achievements. Relevant expertise. Special industry commendations. Real `proof of capability` content. 

This is the stuff that gets you interviews – proof that you can actually do THAT job, you just applied for. 

It’s tough out there, and people DO want to read a CV. Make sure yours is best presented for the challenge. 


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