International Day For Women. Pretty Little Things.

So today is apprarently `International Day for Women`. 

This is to promote women. Good. They are nice. I have done lots of fun things with women over the years, and I truly agree that they are wonderful on so many levels. Yay women. I love the way the natter away, often do things without thinking, spend hours in shops, worry about how they look in the morning, have their little predicaments now and then, and their general fascination with boy bands and shoes. Bless them. Bless them all. 

Hmm. It’s all bit patronising isn’t it? Even Google’s logo today is a little stereotypical and patronising… 


There are `Dog days` and `Panda days`, days to celebrate chocolate, to celebrate cheese, and to celebrate nuts, and even disease awareness. None to celebrate men, but one to celebrate women. At least one. 


Do we still live in a world where women need treating as special cases and items of particular attention? 

After the usual joke it stirs on social networks and media, women should be turning in their stomachs at the thought of International Day for Women. 

I realise there is a call for equality out there, and I as I have mentioned before – inequality in business in the UK at least – is a fading issue. Women & Men both get hired, promoted and fired on the basis of quality of work and prospects over gender in a high, high percentages of cases. There are of course industries that are still fairly insititutionally male, but equally there are those that are institutionally female. It’s a double-edged sword. Inequality happens, but in pretty equal measures. If we make it an issue, it’s an issue. If we get on with our own opportunities and those we are responsible for and make good business, then when does it matter? 

But is a day of patronisation really going to help any push for better opportunities for women? I have seen female commentators today suggesting they hate the charge for equality, and enjoy the chivalry factor, and sense of being `looked after`. 

A fight for justice, a call for recognition, or just a reason for internet jokes. Whatever it is, it just seems a little outdated. 


2 thoughts on “International Day For Women. Pretty Little Things.

  1. It seems that it is. A lot was in jest of course, but there’s a point to be made about equality and discrimination.

    Capability and professional fairness should be the only deciding factor in hiring – not gender, or pressure of equality.

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