The REC Event goes all Unconference…

So, look at me – contributing in an REC event. Who’d have thought it? Well it’s true, I am holding a MasterClass at the CIETT Conference which is being held on 23-25th May. This is a global event which this year is focussing on `Transforming your Global Brand`. 


Why am I there? – well sensibly somewhere in the 3 day agenda, there’s a couple of slots for social media and Bill Boorman has been asked to coordinate this section – and what does that mean..? That means unconference style. Yep – the REC Global conference has embraced Unconference style, and for that we are thankful to the forward thinking thoughts of Kevin Green, REC’s current CEO. 

Bill has been the master of the unconference format over the past 2.5 years, and what started out as a couple of London events, has now reached Manchester, Leeds, Dublin, Paris, Amsterdam, Boston, Johannesburg, Brussells, and with Switzerland just round the corner. The series called `TRU events` which stands for The Recruitment Unconference` is the perfect epitomy of the style. 


Well we know what a `conference` is… so what is an `unconference`? How will this work?

Well an unconference is everything a conference should be. Here are some key rules and observations as to what makes an unconference… 

1. People don’t all sit with their chairs facing one way. Which is good news. Smaller groups, all facing each in a circle – so you know who’s in the room, and it demonstrates that equality of thought is nice, and that no-one is being paid… 🙂  

2. Discussion is the moving content. If one person speaks for more than 3 minutes continuously; they should expect to be ejected from the room. (joking – but you get the gist…) 

3. There are `track` leaders, but they’re NOT playing the `Guru` card – they are merely guiding and igniting discussion with knowledge and insight, but encourage participation and find champions in the room. 

4. PowerPoint slides are forbidden. Yes even Prezi… 

5. It’s open conversation. Everyone is entitled to contribute. Everyone’s observation is valid. Many people stay quiet – that’s alright. There will often be a passionate American who dominates the discussion – that’s alright too. The point is, it is an explosion of minds, opinions, insights and thoughts. If you don’t like the discussion – walk out, and go find another one!

6. No name badges. Well that’s generally the plan at Bill’s TRU events. I suspect the CIETT event make-up will override this – however if you want to know my name, ask me. As was commented brilliantly in a tweet from the Social Media World Forum recently – “Say hello to my face, not my name-badge” 

7. A bar is likely to be nearby… (well, it’s #TRUDublin in May… that’s a given) 

Refreshing, eh?

So, I’m bringing the subject matter that I usually cover at Bill’s TRU events – the Social Media Recruiting agency. How do recruitment agencies grasp Social Media and begin to use it? How can you find, attract and win candidates and clients? What works and what does not. 

I’m looking forward to it. I’m looking forward to a diverse crowd and interesting discussion, ideas and questions on how it can work, and the struggles people find. There are ways and means – and I’ll be pleased to share it.

The good news is, if you think I’m talking rubbish – tell me, or leave. 


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