Despicable Recruitment Agency Practice Called by @KernelMag

Few recruitment agencies are perfect. Anyone who claims they get everything right, needs to look at themselves again. We are all not perfect at replying to all emails, job enquiries, and sometimes we make a pigs ear of finding the right person for a role. I wish we could be perfect, but we’re not. Fortunatelty, we get it right more often, and claim a reasonable reputation. Many recruiters stand the same. 

Then there are others. 



Essential new Online Tech Journal `The Kernel` – today posted a piece on a recruiter who took indifference in service to the extreme. 

The shocking allegation is, that the recruiter fabricated emails between them and the client, to suggest a candidate thought there was still a chance of getting the job, despite the client emailing instantly after the interview to say no, out of courtesy to the fact the candidate had another decision coming on the next working day. They didn’t take that job, waiting for the case study client to fix something else up – but nothing happened. 

The full story is in the piece, so please click to read it. The agency is named, as are people in the organisation. Brave journalism to name and shame, but hopefully the guys at The Kernel have checked their facts before publishing. 

This kind of stuff shouldn’t have to be hitting the internet waves. The agency, a finalist in the `Recruiter IT Recruiter of the Year` recently, state on their website: 

We work with accountability, openness and unparalleled market knowledge, in managing a professional delivery for staffing, anywhere in the world.

Accountability? Openness? 

Despicable practice. There’s lots of talk about regulation in Recruitment. I don’t agree with it, it would be time-consuming, expensive and largely unecessary or unachievable. 

The best regulator is the candidate and the client, and when social media gets involved – you could be killed. Sometimes, it pays to be er… accountable, and er.. open.


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