Social Media – How Much Can We Take Of This…?

Sitting in a massive and glorious gateaux that is the social media world, makes all parts of life very much more fun. Business is engaging and varied, and the people with it. Social and business life is enhanced, as we are connected to more people than ever, and make more arrangements than ever. Equally, a new world has arisen, one where opinion is open, our expressions are more widely received, and we can share freely our exciting events, news and adventures. Facebook Timeline being the prime example, that storytelling is out there. Big time. 

But where do we draw the line on social acceptability of public sharing? I’m not talking about legal stuff; I’m talking about social etiquette. Do we just give out too much now? Are we too open?  


A discussion I had in the pub recently (yep, real world social communications – haha) centred around this. They were all social media enthusiasts, or at least their work and life is enhance by it – but the common feeling was “We love this, we love that, we are so thrilled that this person has shared this also… but I don’t want to see that!!“. 

Public just got big, and we’re not all that sure that we want to know all of it.

Do people REALLY want to read the next thing you are going to post on Facebook or Twitter…? 

Maybe THAT photo, is toooo personal. Maybe THAT comment to your girlfriend is one for a DM. Maybe THAT opinion, might just not do you any favours. 

We read it all now, and we live and see it in every day life. Careers are ruined by social media exposure, Relationships are built and killed in social media exposure, Reputations are flattered and battered in social media exposure, Job applications are discarded due to social media exposure, Friends are won and lost in social media exposure, and Inconsistencies in Character are found out in social media exposure. And everyone’s opinion is valid, because you went right ahead and put it out there… 

Social Media is of course, human expression in public form. Being human, is difficult not to restrain. Or is it? The thing is, we love feedback, we love appreciation and acceptance of ourselves and our lives. But social media-generated acceptance tricks us into this misnomer that everyone cares about every little bit of our lives. They don’t. Except maybe at the time you didn’t want them too…

My observation is simply that it’s advisable to be careful and thoughtful about how and what you post. Be fun, be expressive, be engaging, be interesting. But know when to be private, be intimate, and be guarded – for your own protection, but hey also so that we can all avoid the cringe factor when browsing our social platforms. 

Some of us have to work here, you know!! 😉   

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