Confessions of the Recruitment Industry – True this…

People who know me well, will know that I detest infographics – well, I detest what infographics have turned into, i.e. largely to much information stacked into a small presentation space, thus confusing the content even moreso. 

However, this is a good one that I saw circulated today. Cannot argue with the content of this. It’s a clear infograhic with a few striking facts about the recruitment process and your CV into the equation. The numbers are not the eye-catcher. Numbers in these things are often over-exaggerated and interpreted with weighting, to help present a case on behalf of a brand (in this case, Monster, it would seem?) – but the content is. Casting the numbers aside, the points are valid. Your CV is in danger of doing damage to your applications, if you don’t get the basics right. 

I’m going to be poisting again this week on the `CV is Dead` argument. It’s not, but if you don’t give sufficient attention to it, yours will. 

Have a read, and I welcome thoughts and observations on it: 




2 thoughts on “Confessions of the Recruitment Industry – True this…

  1. Thanks for sharing Steve – will share in turn!

    One lesson is not to include a photo on a CV then! Obviously visual first impressions are important > this must apply to casual/cheesy/embarresing LinkedIn / Twitter photos too?

    Do cover letters just get lost through job boards – or do recruiters/employees just not make the time to read them? I’ve always considered a covering letter as vital in my past job searching endeavours.

    Louis Welcomme

  2. Hey Louis – thanks for reading and commenting.
    You know what, the photo thing I kind of disagree with. It’s the CHOICE of photo that is the problem!! – because yes, you are right – it’s easy enough to find a photo of anyone online now. We’re no longer hidden!!

    I think the cover letter is a time thing, maybe, possibly also it’s the digital separation of the covering letter via email/online – but also it’s becoming increasingly rare that someone writes a good striking factual covering note.
    I think you are right, a great covering letter is beneficial, and I would advise people to write a 3 concise paragraph and bullet-pointed covering letter. I have jumped for joy when I receive them. But it’s too rare now.

    Next blog post I think – advice on covering letters…

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