What’s the Story, Kred Story?

Ahh, influence scoring tools. We’re here again, old friend… sorry, old foe. 

But hang on a second. The thing we have always asked for, in the measurement of Klout scores, Peer Index ranks and more latterly, Kred; is some kind of context and value. 

Then Kred went from confusing numbering system, to introduce Kred Story. Instantly, I was fascinated – I quiped that Kred had gone “all Pinteresty” – but in truth time has escaped me, and I never took time to investigate the content fully. Due to attending a couple of talks of late, I’ve had much more of a look recently, and I cannot tell you enough, how fascinating content is, and encourage people to take a good look.


I’m a big admirer of Andrew Grill, the CEO of Kred. He works the industry brilliantly, is an engaging speaker, and passionate ambassador for his product, and seems to be working intelligently with major businesses, to establish a hub for genuine influencer identitification. If you tweet a lack of understanding of his product, he will find you – and offer to discuss. He’s always available and willing to position Kred with logic and relevance. 

Simply, as well – he knows who his OWN influencers are, if he is to take Kred to the levels he would desire. You can’t advise others on something, that you are unable to execute perfectly yourself. 

Take a look at your Kred Story, and see what you find – here’s my list of interesting features. 

– Visuals of who mentioned you and who didn’t over the previous month 

– Your most impacting posts, how many times, they were retweeted, etc 

– Visual representation (almost Pinterest stylee) of your posts 

– Identification of your key communities 

– 1000 day mentions count 

– 30 day follower count

– Influence & Outreach graphics

– Word clouds of your most used words 

– Last 24 hour interactions 

– At the end, some key posts from some of your most regular friends. 

I could go on. It is massively interesting, simple, great content, and I haven’t even touch the surface as far as I can see. Kred Moments I haven’t even looked at yet, plus there’s tabs at the top about TV and allsorts, that I haven’t touched yet either. 

Kred takes influence measurement to a different level, and I propose that; although fundamentally Kred will use the Influence & Outreach scores (or indicators of generosity, Andrew would say) to identify influencers; in itself Kred Story is beyond the influence scores, and is just a damn good hub for content and social personality. If you ever wanted to assess someone’s variety of content versus the one-dimensional (recruitment agencies, are you listening) – then Kred Story tells this detail. The number top left, is kind of inconsequential in some ways. 

Klout and Peer Index may be the `big boys` – tabloid style, with one or two dimensional data, headlined with an inconsistently measured score. But Kred is the smart dude in broadsheet format who came along, looked at the fore-runners, listened to the audience and made the er `Kredible` version of the same format. 

And then some. 

The average punter will spend more time on Kred, than they will on the others – because the content is relevant and noteworthy. Go read your Kred Story over a coffee break, and lunch. 


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