Does the need for money stifle the belief we can get our `Dream Job`?

I was just slightly in awe of this bit of YouTubeage that was shared across the networks recently. 

It’s spoken by Alan Watts – a social thinker, and expressionist of eastern thoughts into western life –  from the 60’s and early 70’s before dying in 1973. I don’t know whether these were directly his words, but it doesn’t matter. They mean plenty now in 2012, so please grab 3 minutes to take this in…  

I find this a fascinating subject area, and this video could in many ways be a mantra for my own professional life choices.  Is essence my mantra is:

“Why spend hours and days, and weeks and years, doing things we dislike – when we could choose to do the things we enjoy more, and likely be better at it, because of the pleasure we derive, and the impact that that enjoyment has on others” 

THIS is why I titled this blogsite `The Recruitment Misfit`. I was like too many people; trapped in a recruitment cyclone they can’t escape, doing badly, in a job they hate, for people they hate. I escaped, and did things my way – in a zone I am passionate about and enjoy. I spring into my work existence every day with glee. 

Now, it’s not this simple. As the title suggests, money sadly does matter – and we cannot do all the things we love to make money – it just doesn’t work that way. There’s a need for people to fulfil roles that make the world go round in unspectacular ways – otherwise the creative amongst us wouldn’t have much to be creative about. 

But what if the world order of the way in which things naturally fell, was different. I have no stats, because often they are a load of bull – but I will use my social awareness to make a prediction that 75% of people do jobs they don’t wholly enjoy. The net result is the increased apathy towards work. Is there a place they should have been working, that they do not? Do enough people really fulfil their dreams, or grab a chance of what they call `success` (it’s different for all of us, right?). 

One of my deep-rooted antagonisms towards life as it is, is that people with talent and ambition, sit in jobs that dictate their lives and happiness for 40+ hours a week, and they never get the opportunity to change direction for the good of their health or mental being, or for the fulfilment of their talent – often because the risk is too great. Word of Mouth means this bad news story spreads, and kids go into the work life on a downer before they have started. 


So, lets maybe pose some questions:

– Are you doing the job you always dreamed you would do, or at least doing a job you are buzzing to go and do each day? 

– Where did it go wrong for so many of us? 

– Why is nobody embracing our passions and natural talents at 14-18 years old to direct us into careers and opportunities we can enjoy and excel in, rather than settling for employment over fulfilment. (one for another, very LONG blog…)

– To what degree DOES money matter, at least for a certain period of our lives? Do we grab money too early, and shape a bad career for ourselves by choosing the job that got us £4k more when we were 21 years old – rather than seeking the role of our passions for £4k less, and carving a career of passion which brings us larger rewards in the long term? 

With over 2 million unemployed, and let’s say 1 million unwilling unemployed, there are people who will derive enjoyment for working in your boring job. Wouldn’t it be great if the world had a job exchange market, where you go find your ideal job which makes you happy, and the people who need your job, can have it – skills permitting of course. An environment where the understood purpose was to continually better ourselves and strive for one of our chosen routes, before we are 25 years old, that we will love and enjoy. 

Maybe this is idealistic, and we should be lucky to be working?

To me, that’s not enough. We must strive for more. 

The job I do, means I get to hear the immortal words “Thank you for getting me my dream job” – with a tone of excitement and bundles of enthusiasm, plenty of times – hey I recruit for cool roles – but it is possible. The dream job IS possible. We have to get out of the rut and find it. 

Make it happen. 

I welcome comments. 

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