Join Me On CloudNine!

Plans are afoot at my business CloudNine. We’re not at announcement stage yet – some documents to be agreed to signed – but 2013 is going to be an exciting year for the business I have run with a certain method, ethic and purpose over the past 3+ years.

CloudNine-Media-TalentIt’s time for CloudNine to take a grasp of our market presence, invaluable public support and opportunity – and kick on to bigger things. Incoming Business levels in 2013 have already been phenomenal, all through recommendation and referral as ever. No time like now, to be planning growth within our anticipated London Soho location, and beyond. So as an overview, here is what I am going to be recruiting now, and over the coming months:

Social Media Manager/Community Manager – Attracting and placing great social media and talent into business is a heck of a lot of fun, and hugely rewarding. Doing it `the CloudNine` way, is even more so. Social Media presence, integration and exploration is the centrepiece of our business development and marketing strategy. Hiring a Community Manager is fundamental to that. JJ Miller did a fantastic job of this until illness and the attentions of her fantastic blog took her away for the role. This role is about managing talent pipeline channels, social media conversations, listening, creating events, building reasons to connect, and being integral to the recruitment process – supporting great clients and agencies with getting the best in talent. This has to fit a social media specialist, but the appreciation & understanding of recruitment is beneficial, and understanding of an entrepreneurial environment is hugely advantageous. You need to be a vivacious networker, enjoying the offline as well as the online. If I can’t find you all over social media, then you need not apply. Salary is £20k to £27k, dependent on the right person. This is a role where bonus and profit share apply also.

Digital & Social Media Recruiter – I need to find an experienced Digital Recruiter to support me with maximising the amazing range of opportunities we service within the London & surrounds region. Working on a combination of warm opportunities, good client relationships, and a positive brand reputation – being a recruiter at CloudNine will be a satisfying and enjoyable role – not noosed by incoherent KPIs and volatility of expectations. This person will be encouraged to develop and grow, and in theory could and should be an integral senior component of the future of CloudNine. You will be a sparky and energetic character who is fun to work with, and who loves human interaction, social interaction and networking on and offline. Importantly, you will be a finisher – someone who makes things happen, and gets great results. It needs a social media animal – someone who `gets` it, at least in some active part. Salary will be £24-27k plus bonus and profit share – though experienced digital savvy recruiters with a higher salary demand will be considered. A second recruiter role may come up, in late Summer, and then again in January 2014.

We are also looking at emerging Digital presence Overseas, and will be looking at entrepreneurial Recruiters to take on opportunities to take the CloudNine brand into areas where we are beginning to have visibility and traction. These would be likely to be in:


I will be looking to talk to experienced recruitment professionals within those zones; or indeed highly connected digital specialists/social media consultants; looking to take on a nature of `own business` arrangement. This will require an acute understanding and level of natural integration and engagement with the regional markets. The Directors of these zones would have to be highly active, and visible as a trusted professional and thought leader in the developments in hiring techniques and social culture around that – and be able to execute excellent hiring performance off the back of that. A self-employment arrangement would apply here – possibly with the option to change to employed status and equity partnership in the future.

So, exciting times are here. I would love to talk to people who want to be involved in it.

Contact me at and we can chat further.

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