Dear All, Sorry. Apparently the CV is Dead.

Dear all,

Sorry. Apparently the CV is dead. SmartRecruiters told us so in their recent blog.

So what am I to do with all these digital professionals, with their twitter accounts, open Facebook profiles, Foursquare check ins, Instagram snaps, LinkedIn profiles and occasional blogs; who really bummed out when they merely sent me their CV?
I shall of course write back to them and tell that they very well may be at the cutting edge of content design, marketing and communications expertise; however sadly, their CV; no matter how beautifully presented, crafted and rich with incisive and individual content around their achievements, employment, links, examples of their work and suitability for this particular role; unfortunately, is dead. An online recruitment transaction portal provider said so.
No, no. I can hear you all, my clients – companies at the heart of innovation and expertise in content delivery and marketing – who asked me to provide a shortlist of great CVs just a couple of days ago. Sorry. You’re getting online profiles. I’ll just send you an email, with a few links for each candidate. The CV is dead, you see.
Apparently we shouldn’t mourn this. Time moves on, and apparently it’s all the rage to not ask for CVs. I mean look at the Heineken ad, the blogger tells us. Good point. I’ll ask my client – the growing digital agency with 7 staff, that we should abandon the CV and interview process immediately, and hire out Wembley. It’s the norm now.
Sorry about this, CVs are dead, and interviews are old hat.
Deal with it.
Yours regretfully,
P.S. They’re not.
P.P.S. I can send you a raft of brilliantly crafted CVs as a point of entry to online profiles and work examples, LinkedIn recommendations, AND they fit on your database, AND we can get a feel for the presentation, creative feel, content prioritization and spelling of the person.
P.P.P.S. …Cancel the funeral.

6 thoughts on “Dear All, Sorry. Apparently the CV is Dead.

  1. Abandon the interview process? What SmartRecruiters blog were you reading??

    The interview process is beyond essential – I believe at least 4 people should be involved in the interview process. And you need a software to consolidate all candidate information and feedback.

    Really – how much would your job performance suffer if you could no longer print out paper resumes?

    • Hi David, haha – sorry I wasn’t making that point specifically at the SmartRecruiters blog!! Sorry to pick on your blog in isolation but there’s been a lot of `CV is dead` stuff churned out of the system for some time, and it’s shortsightedness riles me – and I guess yours just was the latest cab in the rank.
      It’s not about printing out CVs. I work in a paperless environment. It’s about the maximised presentation of a candidate and their suitability for a role, and as a platform for direction to the widest portion of their relevant profile, through tangible experience relevance as well as the proof of work online, and their social presence – where relevant.

  2. Interesting thoughts, thanks for sharing. The CV is most certainly not dead, not yet, but clearly we’re evolving the way we present our expertise and skills. I think a happy balance of ‘complete free-standing document’ and ‘online resources’ is where it’s at. A CV that gives me a well balanced overview of a career, that also points to where I can find relevant social and rich content (like Tweets, blogs and videos) is very useful, especially when recruiting candidates with a digital specialism.

    • Yes Tony, you’re on the same page as me there. I think evolution is the key – dramatic changes are unproductive and unfair on the job-seeking community who are influenced from pillar to post with no clear right answer.

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