Hopping onto CloudNine – Meet Holly Hunt!

I am pleased to welcome Holly Hunt to the CloudNine team.

HollyFollowing our merger with the Angela Mortimer group, I have been looking for some great talent to take CloudNine forward, and that meant needing an excellent social media communicator, writer and community manager. Having interviewed a number of people, I was inspired by Holly’s smart research into where CloudNine sits, what we can do, and her demonstration of interest and instinct in the subject and the CloudNine journey.

Holly is known by many as the curator of her Young Mums Beauty blog, and demands real credit for turning a challenging life situation into an exciting online presence. She has been in Social Media Management for Bounty over the past year or so – and her linking up with CloudNine coincides with her big life and career move from Leicester to London.

Holly will be active in CloudNine’s communications in social media, will be exploring the opportunities for effective visibility and accessibility across social and online channels. Her objective is to act as a funnel for more great talent to be attracted for the fantastic roles we are working on with our clients. She will be instrumental in our events schedule, and other exciting projects CloudNine will play a part in with our association with our parent company. CloudNine-Media-Talent

From our discussions, I’m excited by what Holly will bring to the CloudNine team, and looking forward to her starting tomorrow.

We are also part way into recruiting a Social Media & Digital Talent Recruiter for the team, and will still be welcoming new applications for this.

Exciting times for CloudNine. Be sure to give Holly a rousing welcome at her Twitter page eh… ;o)

3 thoughts on “Hopping onto CloudNine – Meet Holly Hunt!

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