CloudNine’s Newest Recruit! – Ruthie Penfold

This week, CloudNine is thrilled to add to the team with hiring of Ruthie Penfold, into the role of Senior Consultant.

In setting out to find the ideal person to be a typical CloudNiner – I was as ever, extremely selective in my choices and decision. It has to work; CloudNine has a good reputation (I am told!) and so to maintain that in a new recruiter is a tough ask.
Ruthie has over 11 years experience in recruitment, in areas such as IT and HR – which is fabulous, but also, and crucially – she is a social media nut. Like us. Perfect.


She probably wanted the more `sensible` photo of her… but I this one represents the real Ruthie…!

She’ll bring an extension of great character to the CloudNine mix and matches our branding and personality brilliantly. It was exciting to gauge her excitement at CloudNine through the interview process, and like me she’s something of a ‘recruitment misfit’ – not typical of the wider breed of recruitment consultant.

How do we find someone like this? – well the story is great – an old school friend who I have not seen since I was 16 (you work out the maths as to how long that is!) and Facebook friend now; is a London based actor and artist, and dropped me a DM to say “hey, I have a great friend in recruitment, but also loves social media – you should meet”. So we did. The rest as they say, is history.
Social works, don’t you know…

So now with Ruthie joining this week, and Holly settling nicely and doing a great job of beefing and diversifying CloudNine’s social presence – the first small jigsaw in future CloudNine is complete. We hope we are able to add to the team later in the year, and I’m also about to embark on a campaign to recruit a Dutch specialist recruiter for the social media market over there. Yes it will be difficult again – but I’m all ears to ideas and propositions.

It’s been a great time for CloudNine, since the merger with the Angela Mortimer Group. Hiring Holly, of course – and now we have just kicked off our new #SocialCloud event series of  serious social media discussion and content. And hey – we grow and grow in our pursuit of being the best at recruiting Social Media & Digital Comms people – get in touch, as we’re getting even more equipped to get the best people.

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