Hiring a Social Media Manager Isn’t As Easy It Seems…

So, I’m approaching 4 years of specialisation in the Social Media industry, and all that that encompasses. When I made the leap to be a specialist in this area, it was an unknown field for many – even in communications agency-land – let alone, on the corporate front.

4 years on, it still appears to be a challenge. Still corporate Social Media Managers are coming and going at speed, citing bad culture fit, lack of understanding, lack of leadership and red-tape issues. Even at agency level, the integration of social media is not a natural fit in so many cases. Not only that, the positioning of an employer brand in hiring generically through social – continues to be a corporate challenge. Managing word-of-mouth and social exposure, is tough.

SMM hire image

I’m going to be discussing this at an event we are holding in the late afternoon of 25th June in Central London; where we look at the factors that are essential in hiring and using social media in our talent culture.

Some of the headlines of I will be covering in my own talk around `Hiring the Right Social Media Manager For YOUR Business` are:

1. Culture

2. Preparation

3. Audience 

4. Leadership

5  Measurement 

6. Career Objectives

These are factors which are essential in understanding why, who and how you will select your Social Media Specialist – whether it’s a Director, a Manager, a Community Manager, or a Content Specialists for your business’s budding social media profiles.

If this interests you – then it’s only ONE THIRD of what is on offer at our event.  We have Social Business Specialist Tiffany St James, presenting on building a Social Business Culture that will allow your business to thrive in Social Media execution; and we have Social Recruitment Expert Bill Boorman, guiding you though using social media to identify the tricky to reach talent, like specialist IT people and the like.

I’m a nice bloke who knows my stuff, sure – but THESE guys are box office. And the event is free, as we’re covering the costs.


Steve stockpicBillBoorman

I hope to see you there – grab your FREE ticket by clicking the humongous Eventbrite sign below…







*Respectfully, this is aimed at Business Leaders, Hiring Managers, HR & Inhouse Recruitment Specialists in this space – and please not for other recruitment agency professionals or consultants to attend. There are limited spaces and we want to bring the best value for all concerned. Tickets taken by recruitment agents may get re-allocated. Thank you, and sorry. 



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