Vizify – A Social Footprint Summary Site, With Style!

It’s always great when candidates I work with in the Social Media & Digital space, present an array of social feet across their CV – taking me to places where they exist, play and perform online.

Naturally, it often makes sense to use an aggregation site – which you can display all of these in one place – in the event you don’t have your own blog. About.Me, is clearly the most used in this category, however it still basically is – a site with a bunch of links.

Various attempts at free digital footprint aggregation since, have been very poor – particularly disappointing as there is a hunger to use this idea to present our `Social CV` in a presentable and credible way. Either as a basis for, or an addition to, CV presence.

This week however, it’s not new – but owing to their recent and rather uninspiring #FollowMe Twitter video product and the media surrounding – I’ve seen lots of examples of Vizify – and it’s good. Really good. “About.Me on Steriods”, TechCrunch said! I’ve only just had my first play, and it took less than 5 minutes to set up the basic version which it automatically generates.

Steve VizifyWith a little personalised editing, the front page looks smart. With your permission, it collects information from LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Foursquare – and starts to display them in significant ways across the core 11 pages of the site. Here’s the Words page, that picks up your most used words from Twitter – kind of like a word cloud in a list – and you also have a cheeky little runner tab at the top, which picks out your key tweets from your timeline over the previous 6-8 months. It’s the little things, and it does that really well. Steve vizify words You can edit most of the preferences – it’s observation that I happened to use #Eurovision a lot recently on Twitter, was clearly unwanted…!!   So, I deleted it, and chose one of the next key words. This bit is going to be key in the job-seeking land. The Career page pulls your LinkedIn info into an attractive timeline. Again, it is editable – so if you want to focus on certain things, you can. Steve vizify career So, ok – if you are using this for professional purposes – you may use Facebook at your discretion. It’s great that it picks out a couple of your most popular images from Facebook – mine is below – but not everyone wants a picture of their kids on an online professional profile. You can always skip Facebook from the connections. Steve vizify photo The key thing in all of this is: You want to demonstrate your social footprint, and you want to represent it in the most user-friendly way. Well, think of the things across that footprint that best represent you, and you can piece most of it yourself into the plan, in a very easy way – to make sure you ARE best presented.

I like it, and wouldn’t hesitate to suggest digital people using it at the top of their CV – to best represent their social footprint.

Steve vizify links

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