The TotalJobs `Twitter Party` on Interview Advice

Interviewing is one of the most nervous experiences we will ever face. Some of us just aren’t made for it, our jobs often involve limited ‘verbal performance’ and so in many cases, frankly – they are pointless.

interviewHowever – they exist, and even more scarily, more and more companies are using videoing interview techniques too!! So if you thought it was tough in a natural face to face environment, now companies are asking you to perform ‘to the camera’!

Ok, well fear not – I happen to have interviewed probably 4000-5000 people to different degrees over the past 20 years, and am a reasonably useful guy to know in these situations.

Well let’s see. I’m putting that to the public test this afternoon on behalf of TotalJobs, as I run their twitter feed from 2pm – taking questions on interviews as part of their Job Academy project.

If you are a job seeker who wants some good ideas on interviewing well. And getting the most from the interview – then I’m there to help. It’s more than just about turning up on time and shaking a hand in the right way. It’s about how you play YOUR part in the interview and go away feeling you have made the most of the experience.

So tune into the @TotalJobsUK twitter feed at 2pm this afternoon (11th October) and I’ll be glad to help.

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