Media, Writing & Speaking

I’m often asked to speak at events & conferences, or write on the following subjects:

  • Recruiting through Social Media – often when a practical case study is required, my 7 years’ hands-on experience with it, can demonstrate how the two can align.
  • Recruitment Agencies & Social Recruiting – not just for talent attraction, but also very much for business development and branding.
  • Building a Niche Recruitment brand – setting up your recruitment marketing to be the recruiter of choice within your network.
  • Future Digital Talent – empowering young people to realise the prospects of a digital career and enabling it.
  • Careers Advice for Graduates – building a digital/social media presence and applying for work with potency and good networking.
  • The Future of Recruitment – changing talent attraction methods and digital exposure changes everything.

I was asked to do a couple of advice videos for Jobsite UK, and the first one is here, with me offering 5 tips on `How To Get A Job In Social Media`.

…the second is here, suggesting 5 Tips for Making a Great CV

Here I am talking to a room of inquiring recruiters and business owners about social media working in recruitment.

At the same event, about developing conversation through Twitter.

Here I am discussing `The Future of Recruitment Agencies` with The Recruiter’s Dee-Dee Doke:

At TruLondon, again with Dee-Dee, and the excellent Jorgen Sundberg; discussing how jobseeker profiles are developing:

[coming shortly]

…and jobseeker challenges are revisited in a further webcast here; again with Jorgen as well as Ruth Wylde…

[coming shortly]

Here’s some examples of great online jobseeking campaigns.

Email if you have some other suggestions.


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