Measuring Word-of-Mouth in Recruitment: Source of Source of Hire.

Measuring Word-of-Mouth in Recruitment: Source of Source of Hire.

When I led a discussion last week on social media in recruitment – one of the challenges that marketers and directors within recruitment organisations experience – is putting a measure on social media activity. I wrote about Social Selling recently, but what is the effect of good social media marketing and business presence?     … Continue reading

Advice for Interviews: Prove Your Competency For The Job

This week I will be presenting a series of 5 blogs providing some pertinent and useful advice on interviews. I hope you find them useful! Today I look at interview preparation for competency-based questions.  I read a perfectly valid blog this morning from my friend Jorgen Sundberg – stating the ‘Only 5 Interview Questions You … Continue reading

Getting CV Advice – Leave it to the Professionals.

Getting a CV right is crucial. It is largely the key factor that either gets you the interview for a job application, or not. Sure there are other things, like social presence and external work – but crucially, 90% of hiring managers or recruitment professionals will use a CV as the basis of initial selection. Despite … Continue reading

The TotalJobs `Twitter Party` on Interview Advice

Interviewing is one of the most nervous experiences we will ever face. Some of us just aren’t made for it, our jobs often involve limited ‘verbal performance’ and so in many cases, frankly – they are pointless. However – they exist, and even more scarily, more and more companies are using videoing interview techniques too!! … Continue reading