The Collision Between Recruitment & Content Marketing

So, lots of people have been telling lots of people in recruitment land to do content marketing. The problem is that they are in recruitment land. Sadly this isn’t a good start. There aren’t many creative writers/producers who chose recruitment as a career.

The first problem is differing Content Marketing with Content Production.

Content Marketing isn’t just writing stuff. Content Marketing is marketing already produced content as part of a campaign. Yes first you need to write or produce good content.

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LinkedIn is full of recruiters, trainers and consultants doing what they believe to be content marketing. Some are nailing content production, really well. They are producing well-blogged insights, video content, great visual ads, and even the odd white-paper. They’re not necessarily marketing them very well. And sadly all too often, they’re not producing them very well either.

What we see too often however is:

  • LinkedIn Publisher Job Advertisements – it’s a free platform, feel free to use it. But jeez seriously, do it well. It isn’t a job board. Story-tell around the role and the reason for expansion; market-impact, etc. If you are an agency, I’m sure your client never expected they’d be paying for you to just blast a job ad on LinkedIn publisher.
  • Automated Content From Third Party Sources – this isn’t the worst idea. If you don’t have the capacity to write original content; researching and delivering quality content from other sources works well. BUT – you need to check the content. Is it, a) fitting in with your company message, b) spelled and delivered correctly or, c) opening genuine discussion you are prepared to follow up. I see even self-proclaimed ‘social media trainers’ do this – automatically tweeting/posting content they’ve never even read! If your answer is no to any of those 3 points, don’t publish it.
  • Using Poorly Chosen Imagery – everyone will know I am the number one advocate of great imagery. But take care in selecting your images. Use a image editing platform such as Pixlr (free) or Photoshop (paid) to use wording into an image, and use a high quality image. Try not to be *too* obvious either. Jordan Belfort has been done to death, and actually – he’s not a great representation of your business.
  • LinkedIn Publishing For The Sake of ‘Doing Content’ – yes, LinkedIn Publisher is a free tool here that anyone can use to post whatever you like. There are no rules. However, there is an audience expectation. You are publishing content for an audience, and in doing so represent your brand, business or personal profile. So, make sure you write well – otherwise, I’m sorry – you look bad and make me not want to use your business. Spell well, make sure the message is clear. Get it read by colleagues/associates before publishing. Consider the tone – are you looking over-salesy? Are you delivering genuine insights that will inspire comment and sharing?

Content Production isn’t easy – and it isn’t for everyone. Free isn’t always good for your business – if you don’t have capable writers in your business; then bring in a copywriter to edit and best position each post you wish to write. That £50 for couple of hours work, could make the difference between business-winning material, and damaged reputation.

But then what’s the good in producing awesome content if you don’t actually market it well? You need to be thinking about platform nuances, SEO & keyword effectiveness, your advocacy networks, communities where the subject is relevant.

And respond. Always respond. Open discussion, and let it flow. Take the positive accolades with good grace, and face up to those who disagree – if you put public content out there, you stand accountable to it.

I’m not the ultimate content production marketing genius, but I know lots of people who really are. It’s been my area of specialism for a number of years. Don’t be afraid to spend a few quid making sure you are planning this stuff effectively, not just shoving content out there for content’s sake and then grumbling that only 100 people read your post.