Getting CV Advice – Leave it to the Professionals.

Getting a CV right is crucial. It is largely the key factor that either gets you the interview for a job application, or not. Sure there are other things, like social presence and external work – but crucially, 90% of hiring managers or recruitment professionals will use a CV as the basis of initial selection. Despite the the drone of the “CV is Dead” crowd…

You see, the problem with the “CV is Dead” crowd, is that they don’t recruit day by day, they don’t evaluate the success of the application process day by day, and they seem to have got stuck thinking all CVs look like they did in 1998. professionals

For that matter, so have ‘CV Experts’.

I see 50-100 CVs per day. Not dead then, but thoroughly thriving!! It’s easy to see the good ones from the bad ones, and we also see from our clients’ selection, where success is achieved. However the quality of the average CV remains poor. When I ask where the poor ones came from, the response has often been “I got it done by a CV advice expert”, and were fleeced £20-50 for the privilege!  How many CVs do you think the ‘CV Expert’ sees a day? Well, only the ones they are given to amend. And then they choose a dated format that looks the same as everything else they do for their unwitting clients. Not all CV experts are this bad, but sadly experience says mainly they are. Sorry.

There are better ways of getting good advice on CVs – and you are more likely to get good advice from a good recruiter or a portal that sees many, many in their operating system.

jobsiteInteresting to see, that leading job-board Jobsite; who are I guess a good example of that; are having a bit of fun around job-seeking and career advice, and have introduced ‘The Advantage’  which …. and offers as a brilliant little prize, a full scale Career & CV advice package as a prize! (including interview advice, and ‘interview wardrobe’ and an iPad no less!! – not bad!) Fortunately you won’t be getting career advice from Sir Alan Sugar – but these guys make it their business to know the recruitment market and factors for job-seeking success.

Here’s their video introducing it. If you are an active job-seeker it would be worth a go, right…?

So, don’t take chances with your choice of CV and Career advice – leave it with people who know what they are talking about, because it is their profession.

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