Hiring Can Be Fun. Why Not Make It So?

It’s refreshingly brilliant to see the Heineken video this week – The Candidate – which tells the story of an alternative interviewing campaign to find a certain new hire. It’s truly heart-warming, and certainly leads us to consider – what if all recruitment campaigns were this fun!!

Now, we don’t know what the job was for, whether it was just a PR stunt, whether they’ll ever recruit like this again, or whether our friend Guy is even still in the job. But boy it’s fun.

You see, alongside the natural expectation that a person has to be able to actually do THE job (oh yeah, that bit), there is an ever increasing emphasis on the character, culture fit and team integration factor in hiring someone. So, sure – cover the capability bases – but what is your company doing to genuinely measure the character and durability of someone for your organisation?

It’s not about putting them through 6 hiring hoops to the point of them losing the will to be part of your company; but it’s about supplementing the traditional necessities with something creative, suited to your company – that puts the top candidates into a place of genuine creative thought, fun and enamour with your company and your employer brand. Because good people don’t want to join boring companies any more.

Think about a sip of Heineken, and a sip of reality, stir it with a bit of your company’s creativity Mixer – and why not see if your company can spice up your hiring methods.

You make it interesting, I’ll find the people, and let’s have some fun hiring.