Social Selling & How a Recruitment Agency Goes 10 Years, No Sales Calls

I recently joined Alan Hiddleston from the brilliant Firefish Software as part of their Predictive Recruitment Podcasts, to talk about Social Selling, and how to integrate Social Media into a recruitment agency’s business development efforts.

dusty phoneI guess the headline is that I ran a recruitment agency that never made a sales call in 10 years (a recruiter’s dream, right?!) , yet worked with some of the leading brands in the UK and beyond because of the reputation we built through our social recognition & visibility.

I focus a lot on the dynamic shift of the quality of the relationship with the market when you shift from the Push to the Pull effect of market communication and attraction.

Key points to look out for:

  • Being multi-dimensional in your market presence and sales approach
  • The change in the relationship dynamic when the client chooses you because of word of mouth
  • Listen to the plethora of content & discussion in your market to know where to get involved on social media 
  • Start with who you know, join in warm industry discussion and build network 
  • Make every interaction count 
  • It’s probably a good business tactic to be a nice person
  • What makes good content 


Thanks to Firefish for having me, this is only the beginning of this subject and we could have covered so many points. I hope you enjoy this snapshot, and I look forward to your thoughts.